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Dora Road

by Hoosier Thom

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Dora Road has been a significant road through out my life; even before I was conceived. My parents settled in Dora when they moved to Wabash County. They alway pronounced Dora with a long A. In fact, as a childe, I thought my mother was saying "Dorie Road," until I realized, as an adult, that the "ie" was a long "A."
My mother did not like the Dora area. She especially did not like the house that she was inhabiting. She even referred to the Dora bridge as "that rickety thing." Eventually my parents moved to an house outside of Choketown, and they never moved again.
Dora Road was not far from this house. Plus, I have heard all sorts of stories about Dora. I often travel Dora Road to this day. For this reason, I have chosen to entitle my journal Dora Road.